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'It’s difficult to express how much I’ve valued Avalon’s teaching and guidance to my 13 year old son, who has now spent a couple of years benefiting from Avalon’s patient, nurturing and focussed tuition. Max has just passed his Grade 4 classical singing with ‘distinction'.  This was a result way beyond his expectations.  This achievement is entirely due to Avalon’s commitment to him, her belief in him when his confidence was floundering, and her ability to balance encouraging Max’s strengths, with the work needed to improve on his weaknesses. 

Avalon is a skilled and talented tutor.  She has adapted her teaching to meet Max’s individual needs and personality, which has involved developing a real understanding of how he thinks and learns, and being creative with her teaching methods. 

We’re selfishly so sad she’s moving to London but we know her career will thrive wherever she is.  I strongly recommend Avalon to anyone wanting to achieve to the highest level, even if they don’t believe there’s a high level in them; Avalon will find it!'

'I never thought I would pass my grade 4 singing with distinction! Before I started with Avalon I couldn’t sight read -  I dreaded doing it, and although it’s not my favourite thing, I am much more confident now.  I struggle with learning some things, especially theory, and Avalon understands this and her support is amazing.  I was rubbish with aural tests but I got a distinction in this part of my exam! This is because of Avalon. We have a laugh. She’s an amazing teacher and I’m so upset she won’t be teaching me next year.'

'Since having singing lessons with Avalon for the last six months, I have found her kind, intuitive approach has had a profound effect on my voice and confidence. She has managed to bring out qualities and range in my voice that I didn't know I had. Her technique makes singing feel natural rather than forced, which has been a revelation to me. I feel I'm starting to find my singing voice. '


'When my daughter Sarina started having lessons with Avalon a year ago she was desperate to take her grade 1 and also have an opportunity to sing a solo. Avalon was very supportive and positive about giving Sarina a chance to achieve these two goals. It was so nice to finally have a teacher who really listened to and cared about their student's opinions and ambitions.

Sarina passed her grade 1 with merit and also achieved first place at Leicester MusicFest in her category all after 6 months of lessons with Avalon. She also sang in her end of term concert at school last week. The song was 'Home' from 'Beauty and the Beast ' which I thought was quite challenging. However with Avalon's patience, encouragement and excellent teaching she gave a magnificent performance. I could really notice the difference in her voice and the increase in confidence as she performed. Many people commented on this also.

We are very sad Avalon is leaving the area and cannot recommend her highly enough.' 


'Avalon is a highly skilful and motivational young singing teacher, who, over the months I have been having singing lessons, has provided me with a wealth of knowledge. 

From learning correct breathing techniques, relaxation of the face, throat and tongue muscles, to scaling new heights in terms of voice range, and even a quick insight into vibrato, Avalon has helped and guided me every step of the way. And most importantly for me, a nervous amateur, she has made the whole experience fun! '


'Avalon is an excellent singing teacher, and I have been delighted to send a number of pupils to her over the past two years. I have observed some of her lessons, and have always been impressed with her perceptive and adaptive approach to each individual singer. Avalon has an enviable knack of prioritising just the right technical improvements to benefit her students in a logical and healthy way, all delivered with patience, good humour, and a clear determination to bring out the best in everyone. She is conscientious, well prepared, inventive, and above all a very fine musician. I recommend her to you wholeheartedly.'


​'Thank you for your great teaching. You have really helped Kathryn to sing with a greater sense of her own musicianship.  As well as being a better technical singer,  she is now able to perform with confidence and to enjoy doing so. Your patience and good humour have meant a lot to Kathryn: she has enjoyed her lessons very much and will miss you.'


'Having studied with Avalon for nearly two years, I am stunned, yet delighted, at the  progress I have made. This a testament, not only to Avalon's teaching skills, but also to a generosity of spirit that inclines her to do all she can to ensure that her pupils are the best they can be. Since starting lessons with Avalon, I have received several compliments regarding the quality of my voice. I put this down to the high standard of her teaching, which allies great professionalism, and a meticulous concern for the needs of the student - highly recommended!'


'When I first contacted Avalon, I wasn't much of a performer, but even after a few sessions I felt that changing. She makes everything that comes with the technical side of singing a lot simpler to grasp and quickly worked out what worked for me in order to unlock my hidden performer. Since starting my lessons with her, I have gained confidence that I didn't think I had, opening up so many opportunities for me. I am incredibly grateful for everything she's done for me, and I have made a good friend in the process.'


'Avalon is a really patient, positive and knowledgeable teacher and tailoring her lessons to suit my needs.   I am already much more confident in my singing, both in my choir and on my own, in fact she has helped me to start to discover a voice I never knew I had. Lessons are fun and inspiring and I’m learning lots, in fact they are a real highlight of my week!'


​'After only a few singing lessons with Avalon my confidence had been boosted ten fold. From lesson one everything had been adapted to what best worked for me, making the lessons so much more personal, and instantly making me feel so much more relaxed.

Avalon's passion for music is so refreshing and contagious. It feels so good to attend lessons that are more like working alongside a dedicated musician as opposed to just a tutor.

A friendly, helpful environment, highly recommended for anyone wishing to find their voice. '


'Although I have been singing in choirs all of my life I decided that I would like to take some formal tuition to help me make better use of my voice and to look to improve the quality of what I produced. 

After searching for a suitable tutor I chose Avalon because, although I was impressed with her CV, I was interested in her notes on, “What a singing lesson might include”. Unusually, I was nervous at our first meeting, as I was not sure that, as someone who sings just for pleasure, my needs and abilities would fit into a formal tutoring framework. It became very clear, a little into our first lesson, that I could improve my performance and the whole process of singing could be made easier for me.

I have found it refreshing being reminded of skills that I had long forgotten and I am amazed at how very simple techniques can make the whole process of singing easier on your voice and improve the quality of the finished product. In addition to which, I have found Avalon’s style of professional presentation very effective, coaching me and pointing me towards defined goals.'

'My daughter enjoyed her trumpet lessons with Avalon, she had a lovely manner with her students, encouraging them along the way.'


'I really enjoyed my lessons with you. You are both patient and kind. Thank you.'


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